We believe anyone who finds a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and an active role in Christian community will experience spiritual transformation! We are committed to this vision and to creating environments where people encounter Jesus and Christian community.


ALIVE Wesleyan Church is structured around five purposes that help us stay focused on our mission. Children, youth and adult programs use the five purposes to organize their budgets and volunteer teams.

WORSHIP- Adoring Our God

Our vision for worship is to create environments for the spiritually hungry to connect with God and with God's people through unique and authentic expressions of the arts and worship.

FELLOWSHIP - Loving Our Community

Being a follower of Jesus is about belonging to a community of people who share a common mission to live out the teaching(s) of Jesus. Followers of Jesus are a source of strength and encouragement for one another. The amazing thing about this fellowship we call The Church is that everyone is invited and anyone is welcome.

DISCIPLESHIP - Instructing Believers

When we say “discipleship” at ALIVE Wesleyan, we mean the process of becoming a follower of Jesus and becoming more like him.
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OUTREACH - Valuing the Lost

We believe in daily living out the message of Jesus in our circles of influence. As a community we want to create environments where we can invite spiritually hungry people to meet and find a relationship with Jesus Christ.

SERVICE - Equipping for Ministry

ALIVE is committed to caring for the needs of those in our community. Individuals, small groups and the entire church care for the needs of individuals in our church and local community. As a church we partner with organizations that are meeting the needs of our community.
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THE 96,000

We discovered in the upstate of South Carolina 80% of people are unchurched which means 96,000 people in Pickens county alone. The people of ALIVE are committed to the audacious mission to see the church of Christ reach every person and family in our state.