Global Partners Haiti

ALIVE Wesleyan Church works alongside missionaries to support churches, medical work and education in Haiti. Visit the Wesleyan Mission Haiti page to find out more.

Haiti GuysLa Gonave Dock

Our Missionaries in Haiti

Dan & Joy Irvine are Global Partner Missionaries. Dan is the Caribe Atlantic Area Director providing coordination between the North American Conference to mission units in the countries of French Gianna, Guyana, Haiti and Suriname. Dan's passion is to facilitate a truly holistic ministry approach and an interdependent community for international connection in each context.

Dan and Joy spend most of their time resident in the country of Haiti but also spend significant time connecting with church leaders in the area countries and in North America. 

La Gonave Children's Village

okipe girlsALIVE partners with a Children's Village on La Gonave Haiti providing a home for over 80 children. The Children's Village provides love, education and a home for children. In addition to the basics of food, water, clothing, education and proper medical care, The Children's Village is a home where house moms and staff carry to vision to see these children are raised up as future leaders and productive citizens of Haiti. okipe boys

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