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Psalm 23

Jun 10, 2018 | Tom Harding

Relational Evangelism (Psalm 23 - Week 6)

·     Biblical Authority—The Bible is God’s voice and reveals the right way to do life.
·     Relational Intimacy—Everybody can have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and be restored to God’s design for their lives.
·     Authentic Community—We are a Me Too group of folks who believe God will use real relationships in our lives to teach us, guide us into a full life.
·     Gifted Service—The Holy Spirit produces fruit and offers gifts to every individual that we can use to be part of God’s Kingdom advancing, in our homes, community and the world.
·     Excellent Environments—ALIVE is intentional and laser focused on creating environments that make it easy for people to bump into Jesus.

Psalm 23:6 (NRSV) 6Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life, and I shall dwell in the house of the Lord my whole life long.

I want you to be my son and return, sit down, dwell with me in my house, and I will be your father forever.

John 1:35–46 (NRSV) 35 The next day John again was standing with two of his disciples, 36 and as he watched Jesus walk by, he exclaimed, “Look, here is the Lamb of God!” 37 The two disciples heard him say this, and they followed (stalked) Jesus. 38 When Jesus turned and saw them following, he said to them, “What are you looking for?” They said to him, “Rabbi” (which translated means Teacher), “where are you staying?” 39 He said to them, “Come and see.”

43 The next day Jesus decided to go to Galilee. He found Philip and said to him, “Follow me.” . . . 45 Philip found Nathanael and said to him, “We have found him about whom Moses in the law and also the prophets wrote, Jesus son of Joseph from Nazareth.”

46  Philip said to him, “Come and see.”

And this is value #6
Value 6: Relational Evangelism—We will intentionally leverage our influence in the world for the purpose of introducing people to the transforming love of Christ.

Jesus asked “What are you looking for?”
Andrew answered, “Can we live with you?”
Jesus answered, “Come and see.”
Andrew invites Peter, “Come and See.”
Jesus says to Peter I will give you a new name.
Phillip invited, “We have found the one.”
Nathaniel scoffed, “I doubt it.”
Phillip suggested, “Come and see.”

The number one way the Gospel spreads is one person telling another and that is because of your relational collateral.

John 9:25 (NRSV) 25 He answered, “I do not know whether he is a sinner. One thing I do know, that though I was blind, now I see.”

35 Jesus heard that they had thrown him out, and when he found him, he said, “Do you believe in the Son of Man?” 36 “Who is he, sir?” the man asked. “Tell me so that I may believe in him.” 37 Jesus said, “You have now seen him; in fact, he is the one speaking with you.” 38 Then the man said, “Lord, I believe,” and he worshiped him.

People are loved to Jesus one of two ways.

Change in a person. 

The second way people are love to Jesus is this,

Change in a circumstance.

Jesus offers an opportunity to rethink how you think about everything, and you see things could be different.

What does he say? “Repent and believe.”

Who is Jesus? The only son of God

What did he do? He paid the price of death, sacrifice for all sin and three days later, he rose again victorious over sin and death.

What does he promise? Your sins can be forgiven and there is now no condemnation. Jesus will restore your life.

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