What if you could be a part of ALIVE anywhere?!

What is Church Online?

Online church is just church. And hopefully church how Jesus meant it to be—a group of broken people pursuing God and the better life that he promises, supporting one another in their pursuit to do that, and changing the world in the process.

Why Church Online?

This is one more way we believe God can use the ALIVE community to reach spiritually hungry people and introduce them to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and an active role in healthy Christian community. 

How is ALIVE Online different?

We live in a time where the best preachers and the best worship teams are in the palm of your hand. You are always one click away from listening to whoever you want to, whenever you want to, where ever you want to. ALIVE Online is and desires to be more than that. ALIVE Online is more than Sunday sermons and a quality broadcast mix. We desire to be a community of people who are fully invested in being the Church seven days a week. We encourage taking next steps through our discipleship opportunities, joining the A-Team, and being an active part of Jesus coming to your local community!


Stream Live


8:30am, 10:00am, 11:30am

Sunday Morning:

  • Join with our physical locations in meaningful worship

  • Learn from authentic, relatable teaching

  • Request prayer from an ALIVE online host

  • Share your experience and interact with others during the service

During the Week:

  • Engage with other members of our Online Campus through groups and social media
  • Listen to the previous Sunday's message
  • Participate in serving the church digitally through one of our serving opportunities and/or serving your local community
  • Request prayer from the community through our Online Campus Facebook Group.


If physical location times don't fit your schedule or if you're a part of our Online Campus, we're excited to offer you the opportunity to attend the 4Ds online!

Ways to Serve

Just because you're not at a physical Campus doesn't mean you can't serve at ALIVE. Click below to fill out the form and our Online Campus Pastor will be in touch with you as soon as possible!

Small Groups

No one is meant to do life alone. And the best way to grow is to be a part of a healthy community. So we are all about Groups here at ALIVE. In Groups you can plug in and meet new people or get more intentional about connecting with people you already know. As you hang out and build relationships you can also support one another through whatever life brings your way. We want everyone to be a part of a group. So click the link below to start an online small group. All you need is a couple of friends.

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Going online may have changed some things, but not everything...

We believe in reaching spiritually hungry people, introducing them to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and an active role in healthy Christian community... everywhere! In other words, we exist to help everyone Meet God, Grow in Faith, and Make a Difference.

Biblical Authority
Excellent Environments
Gifted Service
Relational Intimacy with God
Relational Evangelism
Authentic Community

Online Campus Team

Ariail Lankford