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Prayer is the number one thing asked for by Christians living where it is difficult to follow Jesus.

And it's something we can do anytime, anywhere. 

On February 1st, we received heartbreaking news from our Mission Partner Rupak that his wife, Angela, had passed away unexpectedly. Rupak and Angela and their children Ashika, Bashika, and Rohan have been part of the ALIVE family for over 17 years. Pastor Tom first met Angela when he visited Rupak and Angela's ministry in India. Over the years, every ALIVE team that has made their way to India has experienced the quiet force that was Angela. She welcomed you with a contagious smile and a delicious meal, but what was most striking was that Jesus shone through her. Her home was a ministry center that welcomed a steady stream of ministry leaders and people who needed a safe place to stay. Angela exuded love. She was so proud of her children, and she and Rupak have created an incredible ministry legacy planting churches in areas where their work is illegal. Angela was a woman of resilience and courage grounded in her unwavering faith in Jesus.

"If one part suffers, every part suffers with it; if one part is honored, every part rejoices with it."

1 Corinthians 12:26

The church isn’t just a building but a community of people called out by God to be His hands and feet in our world. ALIVE is one church in multiple locations, partnering with missionaries and organizations around the world to reach spiritually hungry people, introduce them to a personal relationship with Jesus, and engage them in an active role in Christian community. 

Mission Partners

Okipe La Gonave Children’s Village | Haiti
Daniel & Deanna Stanley | Haiti
Southeast Asia
Bob and Brenda Bagley | USA
Dave and Donna Tolan | USA
Jonathan and Cheryl | Wycliffe Translators
Abel and Laura Nove | Mozambique
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Global Outreach Team

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